Philosophy - Caterpillars (0 to 2.5 years)

In Caterpillars we base our teachings on the theories of Magda Gerber where respect is our primary focus. By providing a calm, safe, inviting play space we empower the children to be who they are. Our days are unhurried and we are respectful to each child during times of transition for meals, nappy change and learning experiences. We use effective communication to encourage positive interactions throughout the day. By offering the children space, time, and the support to be themselves they learn to explore and discover the world in their own unique way. 

We value the emergent curriculum and individual dispositions and interests. Children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace which is documented through each child’s individual learning portfolio. We provide resources which enhance the children’s imagination and creativity, as well as the opportunity to participate in areas of arts, crafts and sensory experiences. Our programme follows the national early childhood curriculum document (Te Whàriki).