"Kindy Cottage provides a fun, stimulating, safe, calm and inviting environment for all children ranging from babies to school starters. We have been with Kindy Cottage for 3 years now with both our boys and as we prepare to say farewell as our youngest starts school I am incredibly thankful as a parent. We loved that it's small, personal and it truly does feel like a home away from home for our boys. The staff are friendly and provide top quality education for the children whilst forming positive, encouraging relationships with each child. Thank you to all the wonderful Kindy cottage staff for all their time, support and expertise they have offered our family" - Toni D

"Can't say enough about how good Kindy Cottage is! My daughter just loves going and can't understand why it's not open on the weekend! The best teachers anyone could ask for that create an environment that parents know their kids are safe and happy. Would happily (and do) recommend KC to anyone with pre-schoolers" - Rick E

"Kindy Cottage is like home from home for children. It is not too over powering for small people and all the teachers are just so lovely. My little boy learns so much there and has gained a huge amount of confidence since he started. The teachers all take such an interest in all the children, knowing about their home life which is very important. To see my son go up to a teacher for a hug is just so nice and comforting. I know that he will always be looked after when he is there. I would recommend Kindy Cottage to anyone who is looking for daycare for their child/children". - Tracy F

"It is important to me that brother and sister can both go to the same centre as the age range is 6 months to 5 years. A big thank you to the Kindy Cottage for making my transition from full time mum to full time employment very easy" - Sam L

"I really like Kindy Cottage as it has loyal & happy staff, a range of educational experiences, activities & trips" - Adele M

"Friendly staff, clever toys, a wide variety of activities, portfolios, schoolroom programme, teachers helping improve confidence, art on the walls and the development board make Kindy Cottage a great place for my children" - Janene L

"Friendly, caring and knowledgeable teachers. My child is always happy at Kindy Cottage" - Pauline A